International Relations Department 

One of the principal objectives of the Department of International Education and Cooperation of SPSUACE consists in policy design and organization of international activity of the University. Department of international education and cooperation affiliated to SPSUACE cooperates with the foreign partners, international organizations both in Russia and abroad, it also coordinates work of the university departments in questions concerning development and implementation of international agreements, programmes, projects and etc., providing education to foreign citizens together with other administrative departments of the University.

SPSUACE has 60 long-term agreements on cooperation with universities from Austria, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Latvia, Makedonia, Namibia, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Serbia, Slovak republic, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Montenegro, Czech Republic and others. These agreements presuppose cooperation in the following activities:

  • student exchanges (international practical trainings), post-graduate student exchanges, internships, exchange of professors and scientific workers;
  • academic term (1-2 semesters) in the partner-universities;
  • realization of mutual scientific programmes and projects, on the basis of which University’s scientists publish monographs and scientific articles, manuals and study-guides together with foreign partners.

Since 2009 Double Degree Programmes have being implemented with two Finnish partner-universities. Students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Environmental Engineering can receive a second Bachelor degree diploma (from Finland) after covering a year of training in the partner-university.

Within the frame of the agreements on cooperation concluded with the partners – higher educational institutions – students of the university can undergo practical hours in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland and Montenegro.

Mutual student projects are of great importance. Thus, students from Germany and SPSUACE created mutual designs of reconstructing “Red triangle” factory and Hamburg square in Saint Petersburg. Moreover, students of the university can take part in various academic mobility programmes. Students and professors of the Faculty of architecture participated in the international contest workshop in Florence and the international design seminar in Venice (Italy), workshop on architecture in HafenCity University of Hamburg (Germany).

For the further progress of the international educational cooperation it is really very important to invite foreign professors to read lectures, to participate in scientific conferences, foreign language tests held for our students, to participate in workshops. The University invites best foreign specialists in priority education directions.

Within the frame of the annual Week of Germany in Saint Petersburg there are held open lectures by invited successfully working specialists, representatives of state authorities in architecture and urban planning.

One of the remarkable events in 2015 for students and staff of the University became the International art forum “Architectural seasons”, within the frame of which there are regularly held meetings with well-known prominent people of the modern architectural society. In 2015 there took place a presentation of works of Dutch architect Erik van Egeraat and American deconstructivity architect Daniel Libeskind. Students and staff of the University had a chance to listen to the lecture “Transformation of cities, paradigm change” within the International urban science week “Urban Week” in Saint Petersburg. The lecture was read by Tom Aussems – researcher and urban designer from the Netherlands, specializing in projects of historic cities’ transformation.

One more bright event in the social life of the University is the festival of project “Educational bridge” between Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Boston (USA), including photo exhibitions, lectures, open meetings and discussions.


  • Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
  • Faculty of automobile and road-building
    Faculty of automobile and road-building
  • Faculty of economics and management
    Faculty of economics and management
  • Faculty of architecture
    Faculty of architecture
  • Faculty of civil engineering
    Faculty of civil engineering
  • Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
    Faculty of forensic investigation and law in construction and transport
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