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In our University students are not only given education in the chosen profession but they are also enabled to disclose their creative talents. Specialists and directors of creative teams of the student club “Kirpich” (“Brick”) help our students. The club was established in 2005 and it grew into a second home for those who cannot imagine their life without creativity.

Over 300 students attend 10 studios functioning in the club. Classes for amateur-talent groups and physical training sections are held there including photo studio; modern dance and hip-hop studio; ball dance studio; Arabic dance studio; journalist studio; dance aerobics circle; theatre studio; chamber choir; club for the funny and inventive; Tai-Chi-Chuan; art studio. Each student can choose that kind of creative activity which he wants to self-actualize in.

There are various dance directions in the student club! Dance-group “Made’Ira” adores dancing Hip-Hop, R’N’B, modern, fank, etc. Classes are held in the dance-hall of the club. The dance-group participates in the city student festivals, gives performances in the dance-halls of the city, disco-clubs. In the studio of ball dances one can learn charming rhythms of samba, rumba, and other ball-dance directions in the dance-studio.

Students, post-graduates and even teachers of the university come to the club to enjoy aerobics. Students willing to share the world of theatre can try acting. There is a theatre studio “Hophnar’s attic” for them. However, one needs rehearsals, scenic speech trainings, acting technique classes in addition to talent and will. The repertoire of the theatrical studio includes the performances “Dragon is killed. Long live dragon!”, “Vanity of vanities”, “Blue grass”, “Italian workaday life”. The troop participates in the university events.

 There are two photo-studios for the students who want to enter the amazing world of a captured moment. Practical classes are held in the well-equipped photo studio. Experienced photo artists holding the classes participated in numerous projects and exhibitions. Students attending the classes study history of photograph, basic course of photo shooting technique, fundamentals of composition, cadre constructing, and peculiarities of creating a photo image. All these disciplines, workshops and creative meetings with famous photographers not only develop a taste, optic competence and panoramic vision, feeling of distance, checkered light and shade but also unite soul-mates – followers of light art.

Art groups participate in university, city and regional student concerts, festivals and contests and were awarded diplomas of participant. For example, studio of modern dance “Made’Ira” and choir of SPSUACE became finalists of the student art festival of Saint Petersburg higher educational institutions “ART-STUDiJA”. In the festival “Rock STUDiJA” students of the “Alchemy” group became laureates; chamber choir of SPSUACE was through to the semi-final of the festival of amateur choir collectives of Saint Petersburg “April drip – 2010”. Recently the team KVN SPSUACE (Club of the funny and inventive) has entered the highest division of the interuniversity championship of the club in Saint Petersburg (best 8 teams of the city). Creative groups of the university became laureates of the festival “Me –Young”.

 A lot of work is made in order to attract young people to a safe, healthy and cultural way of life. Within the activity devoted to problems of HIV and AIDS and drugs spread among students conferences and trainings “Days of health” and “It is great to be healthy!” are held under the support of the youth department of the “Red cross”.

Various events are held in the student club “Kirpich”: acoustic music evenings, humour evenings “SPSUACE Club”, evening of “Non-standard humour”, photo contests, photo marathons, exhibitions, workshops “Photo journalism”, student parody shows, dance marathons, contest “Miss hostel”, performances of the theatrical studio, evenings of interests.

All comers can participate not only in existing projects and events but invent their own creative projects in order to feel and estimate their own capacities.

Student club “Kirpich” is waiting for new attendants and followers.

Extra-curricular activity is coordinated by the Department of extra-curricular and social work with students.


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    Faculty of environmental engineering and municipal services
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